Audio Technicians

How’s The Mix at Your Church?

Do you run audio in your Oregon Conference church or would you like to? Are you an experienced audio technician and would like to learn more? Register now! Only 15 seats available at each location.

Read Reviews of Audio Classes given at Beaverton Adventist Church and Holden Convention Center

The Oregon Conference is helping sponsor an incredible opportunity for you the church audio persons. A one-day training that consists of 4 two-hour training sessions. Every session includes a “lab” for students to practice newfound knowledge and skills on provided training equipment.

Chareles, from the Beaverton Adventist Church, called me one day and said “Gary, I have to tell you about Guitarfish’s School of Sound. Rick and I just finished the 100 level class. We thought we would take the class to see if we could glean a bit from it. We have 20 to 25 years of doing church audio. So we didn’t think we would learn much. Boy were we wrong. Within a few weeks after taking the 100 level class people at church started commenting on how well the audio was sounding in church. Even the pastor. We were so excited we took the 200 level class as well. Then we got Guitarfish Worship School of Sound to come to the Beaverton Adventist Church one Sunday and David Carver did a training for 5 more of our audio team members.”

David has a passion for the audio ministry in churches. He says “if the audience does not know you are there then you are doing your job. You all know how distracting it is when there is audio issues. Especially if it happens regularly and throughout an event. We want God to be heard not the issues with the sound system”. David has vast experience and knowledge. He has been the Chief Sound Engineer at New Hope Community Church up off Sunnyside Road here in the Portland area. He has mixed several of the live performances that Adventist Health brings in for their Celebration of Thanksgiving and has toured and worked with many top Christian recoding artists. David does not just bring equipment for each student to do their own mixing, teach the technical jargon, and theory, but he also brings the spiritual aspect to light throughout the day. Why we do this ministry. “We are audio disciples. God has called us to use our talents”. David also gives advice on how to deal kindly with disgruntled listeners. Like that one person who comes up to you and says “the audio is to loud”. (Find out more about Guitarfish as a company - see the short video about Guitarfish School of Sound on their website: ) Also see their About page and School of Sound page.

Guitarfish’s usual price for the class is $330 per person. The Oregon Conference is helping sponsor this training and we are offering it to you for only $99 per person at one of the four locations. The training comes with instruction, materials, certificate, equipment to use to practice mixing in class, and lunch and supper. The class is from 9:00am - 7:00pm. You may say - Wow that is a long day. But there will not be a dead moment and you will truley be captivated on what David has to share. Once you have taken these classes you can come back at any time and take them again as many times as you would like for free.

So you have the opportunity to take this class for ⅓ of the price. Talk with your church to see if they will help sponsor several of your audio personnel to go to this class. We can only take 15 people per location so be one of the first 3 people to sign up at a location nearest you and receive an Audix OM-2 vocal microphone ($100 value). You can only receive one microphone. You will receive the microphone after attending the class. If the class in your area is full with 15 people then everyone in that class will receive a secret prize to be given at the end of the class.

Guitarfish has already done a training at Beaverton Adventist Church and at the Holden Converntion Center.
See what some of those attendies have to say.

This 4 session class will teach solid, audio engineering skills and the participant will be able to:
• Solo as a sound Technician.
• Set up microphones, cables, patches, monitors, etc.
• Troubleshoot basic signal path problems.
• Conduct an organised sound check with musicians.
• Set gain structure, equalization, subgroups, monitors mixes, and initial levels.
• Actively participate in the performance with continued analysis and adjustment of controls.

Vancouver Adventist Church    March 19, 2017       9:00am - 7:00pm     Lunch & Dinner Provided
Holden Convention Center       March 26, 2017       9:00am - 7:00pm     Lunch & Dinner Provided
Medford Adventist Church        April    23, 2017       9:00am - 7:00pm     Lunch & Dinner Provided
Eugene Adventist Church         April   30, 2017       9:00am - 7:00pm     Lunch & Dinner Provided

This training is intended for those serving in our Oregon Conference Adventist facilities.

Please bring your headphones to the training.

Read Reviews of Audio Classes given at Beaverton Adventist Church and Holden Convention Center