Audio Training Reviews

February 9, 2017

I took the 100 level audio training class with David Carver from Guitarfish's School of Sound, and it was fantastic! David is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in live audio mixing, and is also a thorough and entertaining teacher. Though the class is a long day, it didn’t feel that way at all. We laughed and chatted the whole time, and David even shared his experiences running audio for famous musicians.

David managed to give us a deep understanding of the process of live audio mixing from theory to practice, while keeping the class fun. We each had a personal audio mixer in front of us on the table; and, several times during the class, we stopped and practiced mixing a song. We got feedback on our mixes, and learned about different mixing styles by listening to our classmates’ versions of the song.

I’d encourage audio techs of all levels to attend this seminar. Experienced techs: you’ll be surprised by the vast knowledge behind David’s explanations, and he can answer all kinds of complicated questions. You’ll learn more than you thought you would. Beginners: this class is for you, too! Ask a question any time you don’t understand something, and David will give a brilliant but simple answer. He’s great at breaking complicated concepts into bite-sized pieces: you’ll just need to let him know.

Most of all: everyone interested in audio should attend this class because David brings the heart of worship into audio mixing. If you’ve ever thought the audio booth was a minor role in worship, David will set you straight in no time at all. An audio tech is a worship leader – responsible for the atmosphere in the room. And no matter what your church’s preferred style of music is, David is there to make sure your audio enhances that experience, and brings everyone closer to God.

I highly recommend David Carver as the best audio teacher I’ve ever had.

-Rachel Scribner

February 8, 2017

I recently went through the GuitarFish audio workshop with David Carver. I found David to be knowledge, funny, and helpful in helping me wrap my mind around live sound mixing. While the class was built on a solid theoretical foundation, the biggest benefit was our ability to put the theory into practice by mixing live on a personal mixer. The feedback on my mixing helped me become a better audio operator. I would recommend this class to any sound tech or pastor who wants to get a better handle on the the art and ministry of sound technicians.

Pastor Jonathan Russell
Lead Pastor, Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

June 29, 2016

Rick and I have had between 20 to 25 years each in running Church Audio. Around the last of 2015, we were made aware of the Guitarfish Worship "School of Sound", at that time we felt the need for more knowledge in the area of audio for worship services. Rick and I have been through both Level 100 and 200 Series classes, we went away every evening feeling that we had learnt something new and worth while. David is a great instructor with lots of hands on experience in the field. We enjoyed the classes so much that David could not get rid of us for at least a good hour after class had been over, well worth the small investment spent.

We have since gotten rid of our old analog system and have gone digital. Our Pastors and members are just loving the improvement in the quality of the new sound in the sanctuary, it is like night and day. The improvements would not have been possible without Guitarfish Worship "School of Sound."

Charles Powers
Head of the A/V Department

Rick Smith
Audio Team Lead

Beaverton Seventh-day Adventist Church

June 2, 2016 

I Recommend Guitar Fish training course for church based audio systems. 

Our local church has been blessed for many years with good audio equipment, good house sound and great audio team volunteers. Recently, two of our volunteers, Charles Powers, who is the primary leader of both audio/visual/broadcasting, and Rick Smith, who is our main lead of the audio team, attended a class provided by Guitar Fish. Guitar Fish is a Christian business that works closely with churches. They have found this course to be incredibly informative in terms of church audio needs and issues. It seemed that every time I would see them they were excited to share what they had learned. I am not over stating at all when I share with you that we have moved from good to great. We now have great audio equipment, which was evaluated and recommended by the course instructor. We have great house sound. I can hardly describe to you the magnitude of improvement for both spoken word and musical content. And we now have even greater audio team. Even if you don’t have particular problems to resolve, your audio teams will gain a lot of empowering and informative training.  

Rodney Payne II, Lead Pastor
Beaverton Seventh-day Adventist Church

Please bring your headphones to the training.