Video Streaming & Podcasting Worship Music


The CCLI Licens for Video Streaming.

Have you started webcasting your worship messages? Now you can include your song service as part of your webcast without legal implications. If you include copyrighted songs in your webcast without permission you could be hit with penalties up to $150,000 per infringment.

Live streaming or podcasting over the internet is recognized as a "broadcast performance" and by its nature, goes outside the confines of a church building. So the religious services performance exemption written into the U.S. Copyright Law would not apply.
Also, this practice would not be covered by the standard CCLI Church Copyright License, since it is considered a broadcast performance.

Churches can purchase webcasting licenses from the three major performance rights societies: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Or a church can purchase the CCLI Streaming and Podcast License...for a lot less. Check out CCLI's pricing grid based on your church size, or call 1-800-234-2446 and press 4 for sales to find out more.

Church Video Streaming & Podcast License

Church Streaming & Podcast License Cost:
1-24 weekly attendance $50 a year
25-99 weekly attendance $50 a year
100-199 weekly attendance $50 a year
200-499 weekly attendance $75 a year
500-999 weekly attendance $100 a year
1,000-1,499 weekly attendance $150 a year
See to confirm costs.

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