May 25, 2010 Stream


Communication Forum from May 25th, which was streamed live


This is a link to our video streaming test page. You may catch us in action doing live tests.


We had a great time at the Communication Forum May 25th held at the Oregon Conference Office. Not only did we have 20 people at the location but we had 23 people who watched the stream live with the ability to interact vie chat.

We plan on doing another forum (in house get together) in August.


May 25ths speakers were...

Al Reimche – The Vision
Reimche will share his vision for communication in the Oregon Conference.






Richard Crowley – NAB Report
Crowley had the opportunity to visit the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, Nev. this past April. He'll take a few minutes to share some of the new products and inovations that will help us communicate better.






Joe Christensen – Streaming Your Media
Streaming is next big thing and has the potential to change how we communicate entirely! Christensen will share how you can stream easily and inexpensively. Imagine the possibilities!






Krissy Barber – The eCommuniqué
Are you on the email list for the eCommuniqué yet? The eCommuniqué has provided a great opportunity for people to connect on a monthly basis, and best of all there are no printing, packaging, or mailing fees! Digital newsletters are becoming more and more popular. Learn about the eCommuniqué and how you can use it to your benefit.