Meet the Communication Department

Jonathan Russell
Assistant to the President for Multimedia Communication

Pastor Jonathan Russell believes that stories bring people together.
That's why he loves telling the stories of God's leading in the lives of Oregon Conference members. He has the privilege of working with the conference communication team to enhance the ministry of local churches by providing timely, meaningful communication that inspires people and supports local ministry.

Before serving at the Oregon Conference, Pastor Jonathan served as a pastor in Oregon for over a decade.

He currently lives in Vancouver with his wife Jaclyn, three children, and a collection of family pets.  When they're not serving the church community, they can be found reading books together, appreciating good music, playing in the yard, or exploring the outdoors.

Gary McLain
Director Communication

Gary was born in Portland, Oregon. He has lived in the Northwest, California, and Tennessee. He graduated from Walla Walla University with a degree in Aviation and then later graduted from The Art Institute Portland with his degree in Multimedia and Web Design. He has been serving at the Oregon Conference in the Communication department since 2004.

He enjoys time with his family, photography and outdoor adventures.

Juancarlos Munoz Ph.D. CS
Associate Director Communication
Director of Oregon Conference Media Center 

Krissy Barber
Communication Assistant

Krissy Barber grew up on a small farm in Illinois before moving to Colorado and then on to Nebraska where she attended Union College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, communication, and art.

Krissy began her tenure in the Oregon Conference as an intern in the Communication department and then moved into a permanent position. Her responsibilities include layout and design for the conference’s monthly newsletter – the eCommunique, the quarterly Communique, prioritization of Gleaner, and creation of each year's camp meeting materials.

Krissy, and her husband, Jeremy are the “parents” of two furry cats. She enjoys hiking, travel, gardening, and various creative pursuits.

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