OC Calendar in Google Calendars


Subscribing to the Oregon Conference Calendar from Google Calendars

1. Log into your Google account. Once loged in click on the Calendar.



2. Go to the left side bar and at the bottom of the calendar list, click the "Add" down arrow button



3. select "Add by URL"


4. Copy this url:   webcal://   and paste it into the field in the dialog box that pulls up. If you want it to be viewed by all, you need to be sure and check the "Make the calendar publicly accessible?" Then click on the Add Calendar button


5. At this point, Google Calendar will index the address you've added and within a short time you should see the events from the Oregon Conference calendar in your Google Calendar.



6. One extra step I would recommend is clicking on the down arrow at the end of the conference url calendar,



7. and select Calendar Settings.



8. Here you will be able to rename the calendar which will be better than having the url as the name. :-)