Requesting OCMC Services

When requesting a project to be produced with the OCMC, please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Fill out the form named: "Request for Project Production - OCMC PR-10”.  The form needs to be turned in 120 days before your project start date.

2. Set up a meeting with the director of OCMC via email to discuss the details of the production - type of event, people involved, post production, media tools to be used, the who, what, when, where. This will help us detrerman how you can best be served.

3. We can help you asses the budget needs for your project. The Bible says: what kind of man is building a house before he makes the budget. It is the same for media production. There are people, tools, locations, and such that have to be planned. We will also discuss the post production, editing time frame and everything that is related with your project and how best to reach your audience.

4. Once we agree on how, when, and where the production will take place, we will then spell out the production plan step by step – keeping you in the loop as it is developed.

Our committed team is professional, experienced, and glad to serve the Lord and you with the best we have. Recently the Conference received a donation for a production van and 2 HD cameras along with some other equipment. We have the latest technology to provide the best quality and to insure that we project a consistent image as a Conference to our community and other important sectors of the church.

Thank you for following this simple protocol, it will help us to serve you better and to fulfill our mission in Jesus.