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FCC Requirements for Wireless Devices (Microphones)

Here are a couple links to the government's FCC site that talks about the ban on the 700 MHz frequencies. So in short you can no longer use the frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz (the 700 MHz Band) on wireless devices.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphone FAQs


Communication Leader Ministry Description – "Having a Communication Leader for your local church provides an opportunity for the accurate transmission of church-related information to your members and community." Find Out More

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Making Your Website Better – "It doesn't take more than a casual spin around the Internet to see that many Adventist websites need to be renovated or scrapped. Many are out-of-date, hard to read, or poorly designed. In most cases it's better not to have a site at all than to have one that poorly portrays your church or organization." Find Out More

Website Help – If you need help with your website or would like to get one up and going for your Adventist church or school contact Center For Online Evangelism. – Providing Adventist churches and schools with FREE web sitesl – A web site content management system (CMS) that is very robust and user friendly.  

Training/Continuing Ed

SAC Communication Workshops – The Society of Adventist Communicators


SONscreen Film Festival – The SONscreen Project was created by the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists to nurture Christian filmmakers in their craft, career development, and spiritual lives.   Find Out More